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Lisa Sinclair-Robinson

Lisa has an extensive background in the fashion and jewellery industry spanning almost three decades. From fashion forecasting for a boutique resort wear brand, to co-director of an award-winning family owned jewellery business Bruce Robinson Diamonds, her experience is considerable.

As the mother of two boys, Lisa cherished storytelling time spent with her children when they were young. Their fascination with a funny little tale collected by the Brothers Grimm in 1812 The Fisherman and his Wife, featuring repeated references to the moon and the stars, gave her the idea to curate a collection of celestial jewellery which focussed on both the shapes and whimsy of the night sky, whilst simultaneously capturing the warmth of special childhood memories.

And so Constellate by Lisa Sinclair was born.

An evening with Professor Jimmy Choo. An event presented by The Brisbane Club and Bruce Robinson Diamonds, October 2023.

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