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bespoke jewellery

uniquely yours

For Constellate, crafting a bespoke piece is more than just creating something unique for the individual – it is also about legacy. Something that can be worn both now, as well as worn by generations to come. With this in mind, great care is taken in its make. From its imagining through to its final presentation, the process is managed with your consultation, and confidence.


Expert craftsmanship is fundamental in making a bespoke piece. Attention to detail, precision, and skill can elevate the simplest design into a piece of wearable art. Constellate upholds all these elements – alongside your vision – to ensure your piece is not only of the highest quality, but also tells your story for generations to come.

Materials & Gemstones

At Constellate we source only the finest materials and gemstones for our bespoke jewellery. From ethically mined diamonds to rare coloured gemstones, our selection showcases exceptional quality. Our jewellers expertly handcraft each piece, ensuring that the materials are artfully showcased resulting in exquisite, heirloom-worthy creations that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Design consultation

Unlock the creative process with our personalised design consultation. Our expert team will guide you through the journey of bringing your vision to life. From understanding your preferences to sketching designs and selecting the perfect gemstones, we ensure a collaborative experience that captures your unique story. Trust our expertise and embark on a bespoke jewellery adventure that exceeds your expectations.

timeline & Pricing

Each bespoke creation at Constellate is meticulously crafted with utmost care and attention. The timeline for your custom jewellery will depend on the complexity of the design. Our pricing is determined by the materials, gemstones, and intricacy of the piece. Rest assured, we strive to provide transparent pricing and deliver a remarkable piece of bespoke jewellery within a reasonable timeframe.

Create Beautiful Heirlooms

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